The History of Calvary Chapel Solano

Calvary Chapel Solano, like so many other Calvary Chapels, began as a home fellowship. It started in 1981, as an outreach of Calvary Chapel of Napa. There were only three people who faithfully attended that Monday night Bible study, led by Frank Ippolito, who now is the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Vineland, N.J. Uncertain if they should continue or stop, they prayed and asked the Lord for direction. They believed that the Lord wanted them to continue and so they did. Little by little, the Lord added a few more faithful souls to the weekly home fellowship in Fairfield. After about a year, the home where they met was too small, so they found another location.

In 1982, the group had grown to a point where it was necessary to split and start a second home fellowship in Fairfield. Pastor Frank invited a young man by the name of Damian Kyle, currently the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Modesto, to teach the second Fairfield home fellowship. Both fellowships grew and developed independently, and then a third home fellowship started in Vacaville, under the teaching of Jim Ore. A large room was rented for a joint study of all three home fellowships to be held on Thursday nights. Finally, in August 1985, the church became incorporated. In 1986, the church went through its first building project, converting a furniture warehouse on Parker Road into a church facility.

In 1990, Frank’s heart was being prepared for the mission field. Calvary Chapel Fairfield recruited and sponsored Joseph Prudhomme, the Pastor of Calvary Chapel, Blue Island, Illinois, to move to Europe where he and his wife Sandi served the Lord for two years. After much prayer and confirmation, they believed that the Lord would have them switch positions. On November 14, 1992, Frank moved his family to Europe and Joseph became the Pastor of Calvary Chapel Fairfield.

Calvary Chapel Fairfield continued at 650 Parker Rd. for three years, and on November 19, 1995, we moved to 743 E. Tabor, sharing a large building with the Lighthouse Christian Center. Our Sunday services were at 9:00 am, while the other church met at 11:30 am. After three years, it became difficult for both congregations to occupy the same building, so on May 1, 1999, Calvary Chapel moved to 1128 Western Street. From there, the Lord allowed us to purchase five acres of land next door at 1180 Western Street.

On August 23, 2001, the church broke ground, construction started, and a year later, we occupied the building that was dedicated by Pastor Chuck Smith in October 2002. The Lord has done great things for us and we are truly thankful for all that He has done.

The Lord is amazing! Praise the Lord!