New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonThe Promised Power, Acts 1:1-8
play buttonThe Promise to Return, Acts 1:9-14
play buttonMoving Too Fast, Acts 1:15-26
play buttonPower For the New Life, Acts 2:1-13
play buttonOur Most Important Priority, Acts 2:14-41
play buttonElevated to a New Level, Acts 2:42-47
play buttonGivers or Takers, Acts 3:1-11
play buttonThe Power of Christ, Acts 3:12-26
play buttonThe Name Above All Names, Acts 4:1-12
play buttonSpeaking the Word of Boldness, Acts 4:13-31
play buttonPretending is Dangerous, Acts 4:32 to 5:1-11
play buttonThe Blessing of Being Delivered, Acts 5:12-26
play buttonDo Not Fight Against God, Acts 5:27-42
play buttonFaithful With the Little Things, Acts 6:1-15
play buttonLearn to Live by Faith, Acts 7:1-19
play buttonMake the First Move, Acts 7:20-43
play buttonHow Christians Die, Acts 7:44-60
play buttonAddicted to Sin, Acts 8:1-25
play buttonLead by the Spirit, Acts 8:26-40
play buttonWilling to Obey, Acts 9:1-19
play buttonTotally Changed by Jesus, Acts 9:20-43
play buttonHow We Are Guided, Acts 10:1-22
play buttonGod Shows No Partiality, Acts 10:23-48
play buttonNot Happy with God, Acts 11:1-18
play buttonIn Need of Encouragement, Acts 11:19-30
play buttonGod’s Master Plan, Acts 12:1-11
play buttonThe Awesome Power of God, Acts 12:12-25
play buttonThe Danger of Hindering Others, Acts 13:1-13
play buttonJustified From All Things, Acts 13:14-41
play buttonDifferent Reactions to the Gospel, Acts 13:42-52
play buttonThe Key to Success, Acts 14:1-10
play buttonContinue in the Faith, Acts 14:11-28
play buttonWe Are Saved By Grace, Acts 15:1-12
play buttonBasic Christian Living, Acts 15:13-35
play buttonDirected By God, Acts 15:36-16:10
play buttonEffective for Christ, Acts 16:11-24
play buttonThe Only Way to Salvation, Acts 16:25-40
play buttonVarious Responses to the Word, Acts 17:1-15
play buttonA Heart for the Lost, Acts 17:16-34
play buttonWhat To Do When Downcast, Acts 18:1-11
play buttonThe Attitude of the Heart, Acts 18:12-28
play buttonInadequate Power, Acts 19:1-20
play buttonThe Better Way of Life, Acts 19:21-41
play buttonEncouraging Others, Acts 20:1-16
play buttonFinishing Our Race With Joy, Acts 20:17-38
play buttonSubmission To God’s Will, Acts 21:1-16
play buttonFaithful Under Fire, Acts 21:17-40
play buttonRenewed or Relabeled, Acts 22:1-16
play buttonThe Power of a Testimony, Acts 22:17-30
play buttonBe of Good Cheer, Acts 23:1-11
play buttonWhen God Says No, Acts 23:12-35
play buttonAfraid Yet Postponing, Acts 24:1-27
play buttonWhen People Won’t Quit, Acts 25:1-27
play buttonAlmost is Not Enough, Acts 26:1-32
play buttonTrusting God in Adversity, Acts 27:1-26
play buttonTwo Sides of Salvation, Acts 27:27-44
play buttonOpen to God’s Power, Acts 28:1-15
play buttonWhy Are Some Saved and Others Not, Acts 28:16-31