New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonRejoice in the Midst of Trials, James 1:1-8
play buttonWhere Do Temptations Come From? James 1:9-18
play buttonProper Worship, James 1:19-27
play buttonDiscrimination Is a Sin, James 2:1-13
play buttonAn Undeniable Faith, James 2:14-26
play buttonControlling Our Tongue, James 3:1-12
play buttonTwo Kinds of Wisdom, James 3:13-18
play buttonA Peaceful Life, James 4:1-10
play buttonArrogance Is a Sin, James 4:11-17
play buttonSinful Riches, James 5:1-6
play buttonPersevere to the End, James 5:7-12