New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonWho is Jesus, Part 1, John 1:1-18
play buttonWho is Jesus, Part 2, John 1:19-51
play buttonRescued From Disappointment, Joh 2:1-12
play buttonNo Tolerance For Sin, John 2:13-25
play buttonThe Way to Be Saved, John 3:1-21
play buttonThe Joy of Contentment, John 3:22-36
play buttonTake the Time, John 4:1-26
play buttonEnthusiastic for Jesus, John 4:27-54
play buttonHope in God Never Disappoints, John 5:1-18
play buttonThe True Identity of Jesus, John 5:19-47
play buttonJesus Tests Our Faith, John 6:1-21
play buttonA Satisfying Life, John 6:22-71
play buttonThe Great Divider, John 7:1-53
play buttonA Matter of Life or Death, John 8:1-30
play buttonWho is Your Father?, John 8:31-59
play buttonGrowth of Faith, John 9:1-41
play buttonAccess to Abundant Life, John 10:1-42
play buttonThe Best Family Friend, John 11:1-57
play buttonHonor the King, John 12:1-19
play buttonTrue Success in Life, John 12:20-50
play buttonThe Source of Happiness, John 3:1-20
play buttonLife’s Great Disappointment, John 13:21-38
play buttonThe Antidote for Troubled Hearts, John 14:1-31
play buttonLife in Christ, John 15:1-27
play buttonWhat is Best For Us, John 16:1-33
play buttonThe Extend to Prayer, John 17:1-26
play buttonWrong Ambitions, John 18:1-27
play buttonAll Must Decide About Jesus, John 18:28-19:16
play buttonThe Incredible Love of God, John 19:17-42
play buttonDeath Has Been Conquered, John 20:1-31
play buttonGod Loves to Reinstate, John 21:1-25