New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonThe Careful Plan of God, Luke 1:1-25
play buttonSubmission to the Plan of God, Luke 1:26-38
play buttonIndescribable Joy, Luke 1:39-56
play buttonThe Reasons For Our Existence, Luke 1:57-80
play buttonGiven a Second Chance, Luke 2:1-20
play buttonAbout Our Father’s Business, Luke 2:21-52
play buttonReal Repentance Bears Fruit, Luke 3:1-14
play buttonHow to Please Our Father, Luke 3:15-38
play buttonThe Way to Victory, Luke 4:1-13
play buttonYour Position With the Word, Luke 4:14-30
play buttonShow Jesus Where it Hurts, Luke 4:31-44
play buttonWhat is the Secret of Fruitfulness? Luke 5:1-11
play buttonAn Immovable Faith, Luke 5:12-26
play buttonA Drastic Change of Life, Luke 5:27-39
play buttonGood Deeds & Good Hearts, Luke 6:1-11
play buttonAn Eternal Choice, Luke 6:12-26
play buttonHow to Love Others, Luke 6:27-38
play buttonLet’s Not Be Deceived, Luke 6:39-49
play buttonHaving Compassion, Luke 7:1-17
play buttonGod’s Ways Are Not Our Ways, Luke 7:18-35
play buttonAppreciating Our Forgiveness, Luke 7:36-50
play buttonHold On No Matter What, Luke 8:1-15
play buttonOur Duty to the Word, Luke 8:16-25
play buttonThe Restoring Power of Jesus, Luke 8:26-56
play buttonServing Others is Not Easy, Luke 9:1-14
play buttonGreat Secrets, Luke 9:18-36
play buttonGodly People Still Fail, Luke 9:37-50
play buttonFit For the Kingdom, Luke 9:51-62
play buttonOur Divine Appointment, Luke 10:1-16
play buttonNo Greater Joy, Luke 10:17-24
play buttonVital Information, Luke 10:25-42
play buttonJust Ask God, Luke 11:1-13
play buttonThere Are Only Two Choices, Luke 11:14-28
play buttonThe Gateway to Our Soul, Luke 11:29-36
play buttonHypocrisy & Externalism, Luke 11:37-54
play buttonThe Worthy Servant, Luke 12:1-12
play buttonThe Lover of Money, Luke 12:13-21
play buttonDo No Be Anxious, Luke 12:22-34
play buttonBe Ready to Go, Luke 12:35-48
play buttonWilling or Willful, Luke 12:49-59
play buttonHow to Avoid the Worst Tragedy, Luke 13:1-9
play buttonMercy Surpasses Theology, Luke 13:10-21
play buttonObedience Not Acquaintance, Luke 13:22-35
play buttonPride is a Dangerous Sin, Luke 14:1-14
play buttonExcuses, Excuses, Luke 14:15-24
play buttonRash Or Reasonable, Luke 14:25-35
play buttonGreat Joy When One Repents, Luke 15:1-10
play buttonThe Joy of Being Found, Luke 15:11-31
play buttonWise With Money, Luke 16:1-18
play buttonWhat is On the Other Side, Luke 16:19-31
play buttonDoing Our Duty, Luke 17:1-10
play buttonUnthankful, Luke 17:11-19
play buttonWhen Jesus Returns, Luke 17:20-37
play buttonInappropriate Behavior, Luke 18:1-14
play buttonA Heart Sold Out to God, Luke 18:15-30
play buttonDetermination, Luke 18:31-43
play buttonTransformation Proves Salvation, Luke 19:1-10
play buttonSpiritual Profit, Luke 19:11-27
play buttonComplete Surrender, Luke 19:28-48
play buttonResisting Authority, Luke 20:1-26
play buttonThe Resurrected Life, Luke 20:27-47
play buttonPersevere in Your Faith, Luke 21:1-19
play buttonReady For the Future, Luke 21:20-38
play buttonWe Are Greatly Loved, Luke 22:1-23
play buttonDisappointing the Lord, Luke 22:24-46
play buttonDesperate Situations, Luke 22:47-53
play buttonOverestimating Our Strength, Luke 22:54-62
play buttonMissing a Golden Opportunity, Luke 22:63-23:12
play buttonMaking the Wrong Decision, Luke 23:13-25
play buttonWe Must Forgive, Luke 23:26-34
play buttonThe Greatest Words of Comfort, Luke 23:35-43
play buttonThe Greatest Moments In History, Luke 23:44-56
play buttonLife On the Other Side, Luke 24:1-12
play buttonHow to Renew Hope, Luke 24:13-32
play buttonThe Solution to Fear, Luke 24:33-43
play buttonWe Have An Obligation, Luke 24:44-53