New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonPreparations Are Required, Mark 1:1-20
play buttonHelping Those Hurting, Mark 1:21-45
play buttonWe Need Faithful Friends, Mark 2:1-15
play buttonLet’s Not Be Critical, Mark 2:16-28
play buttonDo Not Obstruct God’s Work, Mark 3:1-19
play buttonIt Is Possible To Go Too Far, Mark 3:20-35
play buttonIs Your Heart Tender, Mark 4:1-20
play buttonNew Rules of Life, Mark 4:21-41
play buttonAdjust Your Value System, Mark 5:1-20
play buttonHelp For Those In Need, Mark 5:21-43
play buttonThe Limits of a Servant, Mark 6:1-29
play buttonComforted By God, Mark 6:30-56
play buttonAre You Close to God, Mark 7:1-23
play buttonPowerful Intercession, Mark 7:24-37
play buttonDo Not Doubt the Lord, Mark 8:1-26
play buttonWhat Is Christianity, Mark 8:27-9:1
play buttonBlessed People, Mark 9:2-29
play buttonHow To Be a Great Servant, Mark 9:30-50
play buttonWhat God Said About Divorce, Mark 10:1-16
play buttonThe Love of Money, Mark 10:17-31
play buttonObtaining Our Prayer Requests, Mark 10:32-52
play buttonBlessed Do Not Be Wishy Washy, Mark 11:1-11
play buttonNot Always As It Looks, Mark 11:12-33
play buttonOur Responsibilities to God, Mark 12:1-17
play buttonThe Observations of Jesus, Mark 12:18-44
play buttonA Great Tribulation Is Coming, Mark 13:1-23
play buttonWatch & Be Ready, Mark 13:24-37
play buttonHow’s Your Relationship With Jesus? Mark 14:1-16
play buttonThe Deceitfulness of the Heart, Mark 14:17-31
play buttonHow To Overcome Temptation, Mark 14:32-52
play buttonBad Followers, Mark 14:53-72
play buttonBad Influences, Mark 15:1-23
play buttonMaking the Right Choice, Mark 15:24-47
play buttonThe Believers In Jesus, Mark 16:1-20