New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonThe Background of Our Savior, Matthew 1:1-17
play buttonThe Birth of Our Savior, Matthew 1:18-25
play buttonTroubled or Thrilled, Matthew 2:1-12
play buttonBlessed Be the Flexible, Matthew 2:13-23
play buttonThe Purpose of Baptism, Matthew 3:1-17
play buttonProper Priorities, Matthew 4:1-11
play buttonWhy Are We Here? Matthew 4:12-25
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 1, Matthew 5:1-3
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 2, Matthew 5:4
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 3, Matthew 5:5
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 4, Matthew 5:6
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 5, Matthew 5:7
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 6, Matthew 5:8
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 7, Matthew 5:9
play buttonHow To Be Happy, Part 8, Matthew 5:10-12
play buttonShake & Shine, Matthew 5:13-16
play buttonOur Relationship to the Law, Matthew 5:17-19
play buttonNot Good Enough For Heaven, Matthew 5:20
play buttonHow Bad Is Anger? Matthew 5:21-26
play buttonA Silent Destroyer, Matthew 5:27-30
play buttonGod’s Opinion On Divorce, Matthew 5:31-32
play buttonIs Your Word Reliable? Matthew 5:33-37
play buttonThe Energized Life, Matthew 5:38-42
play buttonTough Love, Matthew 5:43-48
play buttonThe Art of Giving, Matthew 6:1-4
play buttonWhat To Know About Prayer, Matthew 6:5-15
play buttonTo Fast or Not to Fast, Matthew 6:16-18
play buttonThe Greatest Investment, Matthew 6:19-24
play buttonDo Not Worry, Matthew 6:25-34
play buttonWe Cannot Condemn Others, Matthew 7:1-6
play buttonPersistent In Prayer, Matthew 7:7-11
play buttonA Great Rule to Live By, Matthew 7:12
play buttonChoose Your Destiny, Matthew 7:13-14
play buttonThe Deception of Appearance, Matthew 7:15-20
play buttonPhony Christianity, Matthew 7:21-23
play buttonUnshakeable, Matthew 7:24-29
play buttonThe Comforting Touch of Jesus, Matthew 8:1-17
play buttonWe Should Follow Jesus, Matthew 8:18-27
play buttonThe Greatest Loss, Matthew 8:28-34
play buttonDo Not Question God, Matthew 9:1-17
play buttonDo Not Lose Heart, Matthew 9:18-38
play buttonThe Only Way to Serve God, Matthew 10:1-10
play buttonIt Costs to Follow Christ, Pt.1, Matthew 10:11-23
play buttonIt Costs to Follow Christ, Pt. 2, Matthew 10:24-42
play buttonAsk Honest Questions, Matthew 11:15
play buttonThe Greatest Invitation, Matthew 11:16-30
play buttonLegalism or Love, Matthew 12:1-13
play buttonWhat Is the Unpardonable Sin? Matthew 12:14-37
play buttonWe Are All Equal Before God, Matthew 12:38-50
play buttonWe Need to Feed Our Soul, Matthew 13:1-23
play buttonFake or Real, Matthew 13:24-43
play buttonYou Are God’s Treasure, Matthew 13:44-58
play buttonListen to the Voice of God, Matthew 14:1-21
play buttonDo not Fear the Helper, Matthew 14:22-26
play buttonA Pure Heart, Matthew 15:1-20
play buttonDo Not Be Discouraged, Matthew 15:21-39
play buttonThe Most Important Question, Matthew 16:1-17
play buttonGod’s Plan For Us, Matthew 16:18-28
play buttonSneak Preview of the Future, Matthew 17:1-13
play buttonNo Faith, No Power, Matthew 17:14-27
play buttonA Humble Spirit, Matthew 18:1-14
play buttonResolving Conflicts, Matthew 18:15-20
play buttonFamily Forgiveness, Matthew 18:21-35
play buttonThe Sanctity of Marriage, Matthew 19:1-15
play buttonRiches Are Dangerous, Matthew 19:1-30
play buttonWatch Out For Selfishness, Matthew 20:1-19
play buttonGod Ignores Carnal Requests, Matthew 20:20-34
play buttonBe Ready For Jesus, Matthew 21:1-17
play buttonIt Is Not Safe to Pretend, Matthew 21:18-46
play buttonWe Have Responsibilities, Matthew 22:1-22
play buttonEveryone Has Expectations, Matthew 22:23-46
play buttonTrue Followers of God, Matthew 23:1-12
play buttonThe Mask of Hypocrisy, Matthew 23:13-39
play buttonWe Are Close to the End, Matthew 24:1-26
play buttonJesus Will Return, Matthew 24:27-35
play buttonWise or Unwise Servant, Matthew 24:36-51
play buttonBe Wise, Not Foolish, Matthew 25:1-13
play buttonFaithfulness, Matthew 25:14-30
play buttonThe Last Separation, Matthew 25:31-46
play buttonFor or Against Jesus, Matthew 26:1-19
play buttonOur Own Depravity, Matthew 26:20-35
play buttonVictory Over Temptation, Matthew 26:36-56
play buttonStay Close to Jesus, Matthew 26:57-75
play buttonInfluenced By Others, Matthew 27:1-31
play buttonFaced With Choices, Matthew 27:32-66
play buttonWhat God Expects From Us, Matthew 28:1-20