New Testament (5000 Series)

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New Testament
play buttonUnashamed of Jesus, Romans 1:1-17
play buttonSelf Destructive Behavior, Romans 1:18-32
play buttonThe Judgement of God, Romans 2:1-16
play buttonDo You Dishonor God? Romans 2:17-29
play buttonThe Opinion of God, Romans 3:1-20
play buttonWhat Makes Us Acceptable to God? Romans 3:21-31
play buttonThe Happy Individual, Romans 4:1-15
play buttonAre You Fully Convinced? Romans 4:16-25
play buttonThe Benefits of Butterflies, Romans 5:1-21
play buttonFree From the Power of Sin, Romans 6:1-25
play buttonMaking a Drastic Change, Romans 7:1-13
play buttonThe Two of Us, Romans 7:14-25
play buttonSafe in Christ, Romans 8:1-11
play buttonReally a Child of God, Romans 8:12-25
play buttonOur Blessed Assurance, Romans 8:26-39
play buttonThe Sovereignty of God, Romans 9:1-33
play buttonThe Major Hindrance of Salvations, Romans 10:1-13
play buttonHow to Increase Our Faith, Romans 10:14-21
play buttonGod’s Plan for the Future, Romans 11:1-36
play buttonDare to Be Different, Romans 12:1-5
play buttonHow to Behave at Church, Romans 12:6-13
play buttonHow to Behave in the World, Romans 12:14-21
play buttonRespect & Obey the Authorities, Romans 13:1-7
play buttonIt is Time to Wake Up, Romans 13:8-14
play buttonMisusing Our Convictions, Romans 14:1-12
play buttonPrinciples of the Kingdom, Romans 14:13-23
play buttonWe Should Imitate Christ, Romans 15:1-13
play buttonOur Privileges & Responsibilities, Romans 15:14-33
play buttonChoosing Our Friends Carefully, Romans 16:1-27